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Hemp and other bast fiber plants can produce more fiber per acre than any other commercial crop with little water and virtually no fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides.
NatureKool packaging  allows your business to meet its sustainability goals!

Minimize your ecological and carbon footprint

Shipping your payload with NatureKool shippers offers many environmental and health benefits: 


  • NatureKool liners are predominantly made of plant fibers that come from post-industrial waste, contributing to moving toward a circular economy

  • Plant fibers are by nature biodegradable and compostable. Upon disposal, they biodegrade over time and return to the soil

  • We focus on the use of bast fiber plants that require very little water, fertilizers and pesticides to grow rapidly while improving the soil

  • Bast fiber plants are high-yield, fast-growing crops that sequester large amounts of CO2 per acre

  • Processing natural fiber into insulation requires no chemicals. The process is entirely mechanical with virtually no air or water pollution.

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NatureKool brings your sustainability goals within reach

Image by Tobias Weinhold
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